Alternatives to conventional core training for pelvic floor health
Conventional Core Training techniques can be a bad choice if you:

  • - Suffer from urinary incontinence
  • - Have been diagnosed with a pelvic organ prolapse
  • - Are recovering from childbirth
  • - Have abdominal diastasis (abdominal separation).

During this workshop you will learn how the increases of intra-abdominal pressure during exercises such as planks, crunches, heavy weight lifting and even running can worsen your condition, but you will discover an effective alternative based on the latest postural training techniques focused on reducing the pressure to the core and pelvic floor and restoring its functionality.

What To Bring? This workshop includes practice of exercises. It is recommended to bring comfortable clothing and Beach Towel.
About The Presenter: Paula Campanero
B. Sports Sc. | Master of Sports Performance | Low Pressure Fitness Master Trainer - Hypopressive Techniques

“Whilst working as a Pilates instructor, I had the chance to meet a lot of women suffering from various pelvic floor dysfunctions and a severe lack of information. I felt I needed to broaden my knowledge to resolve the underlying issue; this led me to become a Low Pressure Fitness Master Coach. Now I educate women and health professionals in a more sustainable approach to core and postural training that can change their lives”.

Promo Exclusive To Talk Only:
All attendants to the workshop will enter a prize draw to win a 1 hour private session.
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