Acupuncture Treatments For Women's General Health And Wellbeing

Acupuncture is based upon thousands of years of Chinese Medicine practice. It offers a drug-freeway to take care of a variety of health concerns and it can efficiently tackle a wide range of conditions affecting both general and reproductive health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine refers to health issues as a state of disparity within the body, as a result of our energy becoming wedged or washed-out. Acupuncture helps in a direct manner with our body’s energy to unclog the energetic barriers which cause ill health, and as a result re vitalize our body’s own healing potency. Acupuncture is worked out by inserting fine needles at specific points along energetic meridians, and these have a direct effect on improving the energetic function of the organs of the body.

Acupuncture Treatments Available:

 hormonal imbalance

gynecological conditions

natural fertility, IVF and pregnancy support,

menstrual problems

menopausal issues


stress, anxiety and migraines

headaches and migraines

thyroid dysfunction

skin problems

poor immune

weight loss

digestive complaints

pain and sports injuries

chronic conditions

Traditional Chinese and western medicine

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