Soulla Chamberlain

BB Soulla IWW2017

Come Join Us!
Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Week 2017 at the
newLife centre for Women 2017
Soulla Chamberlain Owner and Director at Broth Bar & Larder returns.
Soulla talks to us about – Bone Broth –  How it changed my life.
Discover the numerous benefits of this age-old elixir of health and how to incorporate it into your life.

When: Monday 27th of March
Time: 6pm – 7pm
Where: newLife centre for Women
Suite 10/ Level 8 The Dymocks Building
428 George st, Sydney

This talk will cover:

  • where to buy pastured bones
  • whether to pre-roast the bones
  • which stock is the best
  • whether to include vegetables and vinegar when making stock
  • how to make your stock super gelatinous
  • what to do with the fat that rises to the top
  • how much broth to consume
  • how to incorporate broth into your diet

Who will benefit from this talk?

  • anyone suffering digestive (gut) issues (including leaky gut, autoimmunity)
  • anyone suffering osteo skeletal issues or involved in strenuous physical activity (e.g. PTs, athletes, labourers)
  • anyone pregnant or wishing to fall pregnant or a parent to children
  • anyone who eats muscle meat (as muscle meat should always be teamed with broth)
  • anyone who is constipated
  • anyone suffering lethargy
  • anyone who frequently succumbs to colds and flus
  • anyone needing to detoxify
  • anyone struggling with sound sleep, and feelings of anxiety and panic
  • anyone aspiring for more vibrant health, a more resilient immune system, boundless energy, and glowing hair and skin
  • People who routinely make and consume broth but wish to hear more about its numerous nutritional benefit.