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Massage For Fertility

Preparing for pregnancy, especially with IVF, requires a complete holistic approach to a woman’s lifestyle, including the right nutrition, exercise and nurturing aspects of massage therapy.

At newLife centre for Women, massage therapy includes the comprehensive use of Meridian based therapy, designed to unblock stagnant energy that the body holds onto due to emotional issues or pain. During the IVF process, both partners can experience emotional issues creating a lot of stress and anxiety as expectations are high and it can be an emotional roller coaster ride. This in turn, affects the bodily responses which can affect each person in different ways. Some of the governing factors are:

anxiety, agitation, nausea, bloating, abdominal cramping, erratic hormones, general aches and pains, erratic eating patterns.

Through palpation, visual diagnostic techniques and discussion, our Massage Therapist targets a therapy designed to the individual, therefore giving nurturing massage techniques, but also combined with specialised pregnancy shiatsu techniques paying attention to the meridians that are most affected. The aim is to remove stagnant energy and promote a free flow of vital energy, giving the IVF process a greater chance of success.

The best time to receive massage therapy will be worked into the individual’s program. There is no unsafe period to receive massage therapy, however depending on the stage of each cycle, the emotional responses and how the body is reacting, will determine how and when therapy is given.

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Massage For Pregnancy

It can be overwhelming news when you find out that your pregnant and both partners can then experience another period of excitement, but often tinged with anxiety; especially in the first trimester. This period is very delicate and the individual has to feel completely comfortable with any therapies given at this stage. This is one of the most cautious stages in terms of how therapy is given, but in some cases it is the stage most needed for nurturing. Massage therapy can be worked out on a week by week basis depending on how the mother to be is feeling at the time.

As pregnancy continues into the second and third trimesters, physical challenges begin. Pregnancy massage can help with common complaints such as:

Sciatica/Sore hips

 Oedema in the ankles and sore feet

Low back ache

 Tension in the shoulders and neck

 Tiredness, Stress and Anxiety

During pregnancy as the bub and tummy grows, a client will be positioned safely on their side with the use of pillows and blankets for support.

NB: It is always important to seek a reputable, experienced practitioner for pregnancy massage. Such a practitioner will know what, when and how to give therapy. Practitioners at the newLife centre for Women are qualified and certified professionals who know which treatments are most safe and best suited for the mother to be.

Bookings are essential to book your massage session phone: 9223 1882.

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