Male Fertility


Treating male infertility.

Many us would be surprised to know that men are responsible for up to 40% of cases of infertility in a couple (1). Several factors can affect the male reproductive system causing the sperm production to decline. These include surgeries, chronic illnesses, and prescribed medications.

Also poor lifestyle, especially alcohol abuse, smoking, recreation drugs, inadequate diet, lack of exercise and emotional stress can have damaging effects on men’s ability to reproduce. (2)

Due its influence on the nervous system, preliminary medical studies have shown that acupuncture can, in many cases, increase testosterone levels, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve erectile dysfunction, and sperm quality and volume (3), (4), (5) (6).

Since it takes approximately 3 months for the sperm to be produced, it is important to treat a male patient for at least that period of time before a measured sperm improvement can be expected. (7)

By working together as a couple, your chance of achieving of conceiving a healthy child will definitely increase, and we can support you every steps of the way.


Treating impotence without using Viagra /Nova
by Olivier Lejus

This month marked the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the impotence drug Viagra in the United Kingdom. Originally conceived as medication for the treatment of heart conditions, the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer, struck gold when the male participants in the drug trial discovered unexpected side effects on their sexual organs. This surprising finding would  soon bring smiles of relief and delight to millions of men, their sexual partners, and the shareholders of the company. There was no longer a need to swallow vast quantities of oysters, or illegally purchase powdered horns of endangered species; the problem of impotence, or “erectile dysfunction” could be now overcome with the ingestion of a simple pill.  Sales took off as soon as the drug became available to the general public. Revenues of over one billion dollars in the first year alone confirmed that there was a widespread medical demand worldwide.

It is estimated that around half of the male population will suffer from erectile dysfunction at least once in their lifetime. To achieve, and maintain an erection, a men needs to be first sexually aroused (unless he uses Viagra). Sexual arousal occurs in the limbic system, the part of the brain regulating our emotions. This triggers a physiological response to the male sexual organ; more blood is now diverted to the erectile tissue around the penis, which makes it rigid. This facilitates the penetration of the woman’s vagina, and the ejaculation of semen necessary for reproduction, and the survival of our specie. Therefore the inability to achieve an erection can be due to emotional reasons, such as a lack of interest to sex due to stress, or depression, or the consequences of different medical conditions affecting the blood circulation throughout the body.

For this reason, doctors consider the onset of erectile dysfunction, as an early warning sign of a potential heart attack, or the imminent risk of stroke in a few years time.

The impotence drug Viagra, uses a chemical (Sildenafil citrate), which relaxes the arteries supplying blood to the penis, thus increasing the blood flow to the sexual organ without any input from the brain. Unfortunately, since Viagra does not cure impotence, men with that condition have to keep taking the medication for as long as they wish to remain sexually active. Apart from the financial cost, one of the unfortunate side effects of long term consumption of the drug, beside auditory, visual and digestive disturbances, is the potential risk of involuntary prolonged erection caused to the chemically induced extended dilation of the blood vessels.

So Viagra might not be a miracle cure after all !

The problem of male impotence has been with us since the origin of mankind, and it is not surprising that Traditional Chinese Medicine has been literally treating his dysfunction for thousands of years.

According to this Oriental medical framework, the physiological process of obtaining an erection involves the accumulation of both Yang Qi (energy), and blood to the penis. Four organs are involved with this process: the kidneys, the liver, the spleen and the heart.  The male and female genital areas of both sexes are encircled by the liver meridian. Therefore, any dysfunction with that organ, or channel can have a negative impact on our sexual health. Since it is the kidney’s energy, which provides our sexual drive, in the majority of cases regardless of the primary pattern, this organ will have to be strengthened.

Around the world, the pace of living has significantly increased in the last few decades, and subsequently the rising level of stress in the workforce has taken its toll. Nowadays, the majority of males with Erectile Dysfunction are the overworked professionals. Living in a state of anger, and stress for long period of times easily leads to the abuse of alcohol, recreational drugs, junk foods, and excess smoking. These are the major causes of cardio vascular disease, which damages the arteries circulating the blood throughout the body, including the sexual organs.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a correlation between the mind and the body. Each major organ is associated with a specific emotional pattern. The liver is particularly vulnerable to anger, stress and depression causing the Qi and blood to stagnate. The male sexual organ becomes deprived of both nutrients causing the impotence to occur. It is often seen in combination with other digestive problems, irritability, dizziness, and chest pain.  The kidney channel can alternatively be affected from internal cold due to poor diet, on local climatic factors. This creates an imbalance in the liver’s function, and the blood circulation is gradually affected. For all these patterns, a dual approach including the use of acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine is recommended.

In both the Western and Oriental medical systems, Erectile Dysfunction is considered to be only a reflection of a larger pattern of poor health, and disease in the body.

When the overall condition of the patient is taken into consideration, and treated accordingly, there is ample evidence that the Traditional Chinese medicine’s approach can be very effective in treating this condition which affects the life of so many couples today.