Kelly Abeleven

Kelly Abeleven #IWW2017 Come Join Us!
Let's Celebrate International Women's Week 2017 at the
Life centre for Women 2017

Kelly Abeleven returns to talk to us about some simple strategies on how to avoid common health hazards, removing toxins and creating a healthier home environment for you and your family.
Kelly will also demonstrate and give us a chance to make and take home your own edible organic body scrub!

When: Thurday 30th of March
Time: 6pm - 7pm
Cost: FREE
Where: newLife centre for Women
Suite 10/ Level 8 The Dymocks Building
428 George st, Sydney

"Revolutionise your wellness by removing toxins from your living environment and creating a more natural experience for your senses"

About Kelly Abeleven:

Kelly is a qualified Building Biologist who is passionate about helping you create a healthy home and workplace by removing toxins from the living environment and creating a more natural experience for your senses. Kelly's journey began when she learned of gut issues and asked "Is our food real"? It was this journey that lead her to question everything that we are surrounded by and its impact on our health and wellbeing.  Kelly soon realised that overstimulation and chronic low-level exposure to toxins is causing illness and prevention is the key. Kelly desires to revolutionise your wellness one day at a time by adding REAL quality into all aspects of your life.

Who Will Benefit From This Talk?
I want people to know that just because it's on our shelves, doesn't mean it's safe. I have studied the effects of environmental toxins that we bring into our homes, schools and workplaces in depth and would like to educate and encourage people to make more natural choices. Topics I will cover include Electromaganetic radiation (including wireless radiation and mobile phones), water quality, air quality, mould, hormone disrupting chemicals, building materials, personal care products, food and drink packaging, cleaning products and I will also touch on toxic thoughts and behaviours and how they affect our overall health. People who will benefit are families, mums, women with fertility issues, pregnant women wanting the best start for their babies, people with chronic illness, parents of children/ people with asthma, allergies, mental illness, anyone wanting to know the truth!